About Canada's Worst Charity Website

Your favourite charitable organization (which could be the one you’re working for) is doing amazing, important work in your community, in your area, on your planet. They are busy, busy, busy. Too busy doing their amazing work to work on their (important*) website.

*A good website can make an appreciable difference in a charity’s ability to connect with the people it serves, and attract volunteers and donors.

We at Ellipsis Digital want to help in the best way we can, with a digital makeover. We’ll help make one charity’s website as wonderful as their work.

Nominate your favourite charity with the, well, um, how do we say this tactfully, “not the prettiest or best-functioning” website by March 30, 2015.

Our panel of empathetic, and aesthetically judicious, judges will create a shortlist of finalists, then starting April 20th, 2015, you can vote for the organization that most deserves our $25,000 Grand Prize.

The worthy winner will be announced on Twitter, Facebook, and via Email on May 4th.

To learn more about Ellipsis, visit www.Ellipsis.Digital.